Red Fork Studio is a two-woman communications shop in Atlanta, dedicated to working with non-profits, higher education, and economic development. They help non-profits and higher education institutions identify and refine their key messages for target audiences, and communicate those messages in the most appropriate media (digital and non-digital) in order to engage, inspire, and move to action.

The Solution

We created a custom brand identity that reflects the approachable, professional and conceptual attributes that Red Fork brings its clients. The design encourages the audience to look deeper, and see the conceptual nature of the logo on a second glance — much like how Red Fork uncovers strategy for their clients.



Primary + Secondary logo

The concept behind the name “Red Fork” derives from an adventure shared by the mother daughter duo, and a last minute purchase of two red forks to accompany their picnic. While the story doesn’t directly connect to their brand goals, the red forks depict a time of adventure for the team, one that they take into their process with clients. 

With a fork icon in mind, we went to the drawing board. The challenge laid in avoiding a restaurant-esque identity for the communication team, while also avoiding a red “pitchfork” mark… both easily recognizable marks!

Because Red Fork excels at telling stories and explaining complex concepts in an
easy-to-understand way, I wanted to ensure this mark met their standards. Through nestling the fork image within the negative space of the “R,” we crafted a unique mark that reflects the conceptual nature of Red Fork. 

Overall, the identity conveys the approachable, unique and strategic attributes of Red Fork.





Following the brand identity, we transitioned the design to custom business cards. When attending trade shows, networking events and community gatherings, Red Fork is equipped with a creative + professional business card intended to initiate conversations.





Brand identity, custom patterns, brand guideline, business card.

The team

Jamie, Designer