Little Poppy Co. is a subscription based bow company for stylish parents who enjoy having new bows delivered to their doorstep every month. Their bows are simple and professional but at the same time innovative and surprising. They offer color combos/patterns that people wouldn’t typically put together, but love. 

The Solution

The Little Poppy Co. brand identity appeals to stylish mothers who range from their mid 20’s–30’s. Through this stylish but youthful visual identity we were able to bring a new dimension to Little Poppy Co. The identity has a trendy but approachable look and feel that stylish mom’s will gravitate towards. 



The Little Poppy Co. color palette maintains a feminine appeal, while incorporating a masculine edge. Though the bows are for girls, the LPC brand has a chic quality that isn’t overly feminine. This color palette marries the sophistication of the bow designs, with a feminine appeal.




The typographic wordmark for Little Poppy Co. is a custom look as unique as their business concept. Through pairing the modern script with the outlined sans-serif typeface, we created a professional yet playful brand. The submarks help reinforce the brand in smaller layout uses.



The hand-drawn patterns are fun, playful, and unexpected. Like the bows created by Little Poppy Co, these patterns can be mixed and matched. The patterns complement the logo and graphic elements which bring the brand identity together. They are textured and not overpowering. 



The script provides a soft look to the logo that alludes to the fact that the product is for children. The strong san serif font keeps the brand professional. The typography coupled together creates a youthful look and feel for the brand.

Working with Spruce Rd has been a dream! Jessie and Jamie are so easy to work with and easily understood our brand and how to take it to the next level. We wanted a really simple, professional look but we are also sell kids products so needed something youthful and fun. They combined all of this perfectly and we couldn’t have asked for anything better. We had numerous compliments from our current customers about the new logo/packaging and it’s definitely helped us stand out! Our look went from just average to amazing! We can’t thank these girls enough and will definitely be back for future projects!
— Lindie | Little Poppy Co.


Brand identity, custom patterns, stationery, fabric surface pattern for bow, social media instagram overlay, business cards.

The team:

Jamie, Creative director
Jessie, Lead designer