Kitty & June is a collection of timeless, unique and well-made decorative items for the home – with a specific focus on decor for children’s rooms or nurseries. 

Target audience

Women age 25 - 35 who have or are having children and are searching for pieces to add to their child’s room or nursery. These women are searching for truly unique pieces and have a sincere love for quality handmade goods. They enjoy thinking creatively about how their home looks and typically purchases pieces that are easily transitional from room to room. 

Initial project sketches

Initial project sketches




Kitty & June is named after two grandmothers. Kitty; being more lighthearted, funny and spirited and June; being more soft-spoken, kind and refined. With the two ladies in mind, we wanted to create imagery and utilize typography that nodded to both and also to the brand as a whole; a children's boutique for timeless and unique items that can transition as life does. 

A lighthearted, whimsical nature comes with the illustration and imagery of a rabbit. I created a rabbit that appears structured yet at the same time fairy-tail like with it's hand-drawn nature. The rabbit was inspired by illustrations from vintage children's book; with their delicate structures and detailed line work.

The secondary logo and monograms allow for diversity within the brand in various brand components — whether a short description is needed, in a reduced size, or just as playful detailing.

Overall, the primary and secondary logos convey a whimsical yet timeless design with a nod to the handmade, appealing to mother's looking for unique, yet functional ways to decorate their little one's rooms. 









Brand identity, custom packaging, business cards, stationery, stickers and custom illustration.


Jamie, Creative Director
Ashley, Lead Designer
Alaina, Illustrator